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Ashes to Flames: My December

by DMG

The night sky was darker than the ashes of Hell
As I stood to my feet, my shattered heart fell
She was out for the night, such relief without
The love of my life was out and about

I loved her deeply, my feelings were true
True and as deep as the ocean’s depth blue
I was so loyal and showed her respect
But love was poisonous, her charm was neglect

She was an angel from Hell sent to me
Cupid’s death caused for a heart injury
Satan had murdered and sent me a devil
My heart broke in half and fell below sea level

I could not weep because my tears were dry
Blood was the only fluid I could cry
As she cussed at me, hit me, and beat
Tearing my flesh as she scraped through the meat

I loved her though, I had been struck
I found true love thanks to Hell’s Lady Luck
The arrow that hit me had a poison tip
Inside my heart was a venomous drip

There was no escape, this was my fate
I loved her dearly, my mind did berate
But in this case, it was heart over mind
My life had been crookedly designed

I laid in bed, widened my eyes
White light slowly filled the night skies
She was beside me and said goodbye
I loved her yet she did this to me, why?

The daylight shined brighter than the flames of Hell
The clouds were below me, to the world, farewell
I was rising up, a bodiless soul
Yet in my heart there was a hole

I was without her and forever would be
She was an angel that had been sent to me
She came home the night December of ‘07
Pulled the trigger and sent me to Heaven