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Missing so much of my Heart

by ** JeNa **

What’s the point of living,
when you lose everything great?
What’s the point of living,
when there’s no way to escape?

I once had the greatest guy,
but then he let me go.
He said it wasn’t working out.
I guess he had no hope.

He was the one that made me laugh.
He was the one that made me smile.
I don’t know how to let him know I love him,
but every moment we had together was so worthwhile.

I don’t know what I’m going to do
now that he’s out of my life.
He was the one I pictured myself with.
I wish I could have been his wife.

But I guess what happened was meant to be
because everything happens for a reason.
I cant get him off my mind,
I’m just sitting here worsened.

He was the one I truly loved,
the one that was meant to be.
I’ve never loved anyone that way,
he was the most special to me.

Now I don’t know what to do
because I already lost “The One”
I’m going to miss him so much,
and I’m going to miss the way he always called me Hun

I cant keep dwelling on this,
but I don’t want to let go.
It’s way to hard to say goodbye
because he had me from hello.

I know I will never forget him
for his memory will never depart.
But I just ask myself what’s the point of living
When I’m missing so much of my heart?