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One Chance

by Kathy

When my eyes first set on yours
I knew right then and there
That I'd love you forever
But age was always a care

I began to stay up late every night
Thinkin' about you
Dreamin' and hopin'
That you were thinkin' about me, too

I got shivers all over
When I heard the sound
Of you speaking
As it twirled me around

Never in my wildest dreams
Did I ever think
That my feelings would grow stronger
In just one blink

I grew up fast
So maybe you could see
That I'm more than a girl with a crush
But who I truly am, me

I saw you walking
On the sidewalk one day
I asked myself, "should I smile or nod?
Or just give him a simple 'hey'?"

I watched you
As you walked on past
The chance was gone
But that did not last

I went to a softball game
And you were there
But why I cried that night
Was just not fair

You fell in love with someone
It was my best friend
It hurt so much
I wished it would end

I couldn't look at you the same way
The way I once did
But for you it was the same
Because I was just a kid

All I ever wanted
Was that one chance with you
To have my hopes become reality
And my dreams come true

Now I'm older
And a bit wiser, too
But one thing will never change
And that's the way I love you