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A Love Message

by Frankie Murillo

This might be awkward to you,
But listen to what I have to say,
I just want to be your friend,
But I like you more each day,

It’s hard to know how you feel,
Because you never talk to me,
But I don’t think you like me
That is what I see,

Maybe I’m wrong about everything,
And you really do like me,
But baby you have a weird way of showing me,
I don’t want to keep guessing,

Why can’t you just give me a chance,
A chance to show you that I love you,
Open up your heart to me,
Because baby I’m for real,

When we first met each other,
I didn’t think I would fall for you,
I thought we’d only be friends,
I guess I was wrong,

I fell in love with everything you said,
I love talking to you,
I love everything about you,
Most of all I love your beautiful smile,

Before I met you I never knew,
What is was like to look at someone,
And just smile for no reason,
Everything you do makes me happy,

Email me today,
If you have good news,
If it’s something I don’t want to hear,
Don’t say a word today.