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Of the Talon and the Horn

by FTS Miles

Of the Talon and the Horn
No greater loss is seen,
A thousand lives searching Time,
To part in fields of green.

For you rode into the woods
A diff'rent path than me,
And behind a wall of thorns
Gone our eternity.

Oh loneliness, oh hopelessness,
What sorrow now is mine?
For you are my greatest love
No other shall I find.

Of the Wing and of the Hoof
No prophecy can see.
Please your soul be not aloof,
Return our ecstasy.

Of the Hawke and Unicorn
No older love is known.
How can we be torn from love
With all that we have sewn?

Do not run your ancient pace
And leave my flight behind!
Come with me and share all Life,
Forever us to bind.

Do not let our love be gone
Like tears into the sea...
Rest your head within these wings
And set our spirits free....