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Pedals of a Rose

by Rockit

Like the soft delicate pedals of a rose,
Your smooth tender lips attract me,
Staring at the ocean from the meadows,
Watching the sun-set as far as we can see,
Day becomes night and your eyes shine,
As the moon is seen through your eyes,
I can stare into them and forget about time,
As the moon rises so does the ocean ties,
Everything surrounding us turns into paradise,
Sweet kisses send electrifying signals,
More intimate we get I finally realize,
How in love I am while my body tingles,
Enchanted with your beauty and charisma,
I pour my feelings and my trust onto you,
Just hoping you will never deceive me,
I can tell you now that my love is true,
Like the soft delicate pedals of a rose,
So is my heart just don't let it decompose.....