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You Made Me Fall For You

by Jackie Bilson

I've been sitting here for far too long,
Listening to the same old song.
The same old line makes my feelings brew,
"I can't believe I've fallen for you."

Who are you to do this to me?
What gave you the right to make me feel free?
Feel like I'm ready to give in again?
Love someone as more than just a friend?

Do you hear that horrible sound?
Shaking up the walls and the ground?
That's my heart that's causing the commotion,
Playing to the rhythm of my emotion.

How could you treat me this way?
Hanging on every word you say?
Sighing to myself at night?
This to me just isn't right.

You're making me believe in the possibility,
That in your words is sincerity.
That one day you'll finally say,
That you think of me all night and all day.

I can never forgive you for forcing this,
Forcing in such excruciating bliss.
Do you have any idea what you made me do?
You made me fall in love with you!