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Without you

by Heart_Broken23

I gave you my heart,
And you asked me to stay.
I never believed,
We would end this way.

You asked me to marry you,
I couldn't believe you just did.
You told me you loved me,
And you wanted me to have your kid.

We were engaged 4 months,
And had a little one on the way.
But then I heard something shocking,
It would change my life that day.

The cops came to my door,
Told me I needed to sit down.
I didn't know why they were here,
So I paced all around.

They told me I should know,
You wouldn't be coming home tonight.
I tried to hold back my tears,
I tried with all my might.

The story was you got in an accident,
And the car was wrapped around a pole.
I couldn't believe what they were saying,
Without you Im just not whole.

They showed me pictures of the wreck,
And held me as I started to cry,
Baby I'm going to miss you,
And know our love will never die.

It's been about a year now,
And I'm finally learning to cope.
Our son is getting big now,
And he always gives me hope.

I just want to ask you,
Will you please keep us in your heart?
I'm sorry your life ended
Before we got ours to start.

I love you baby!