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First Love

by Heart_Broken23

You were my first love,
We knew each other best.
I was glad I had met you,
You were different from the rest.

We did everything together,
You were my number one.
I didn't know we would end,
I never thought we'd be done.

We were together two years,
And I had so much fun with you.
But you had to change everything,
And leave me feeling blue.

You didn't know how to be honest,
You cheated on me all the time.
I thought your heart belonged to me,
But it was never really mine.

Why did you say you loved me?
How could you put me through so much pain?
When I found out about her,
I almost went insane.

I don't care anymore,
I'm glad you're out of my life.
I'm glad we're not together,
And I'll NEVER be your wife!