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Lovers or Friends?

by livefreebright

If you were say ask me
To give you a second chance
I honestly wouldn't know what to say
Though I loved you from the first glance

I don't want to destroy
The friendship that we've built
My heart can't bear another break
Leaving me with all the guilt

Things have changed
But my friends don't see
They say I'm still in love with you
But I tell them that can't be

Maybe I've brainwashed myself
To think that I'm over you
When simply lying in your arms
Is all I want to do

How much I miss those times
But I still remember the pain
If we started this relationship
Would there be anything to gain

I don't see much of a future
Maybe not even a one month
I know that I can't stand it
My hearts taken enough

All the lies you told me
The scars still on my back
From all the times you stabbed me
All the feelings that you lack

I know that you don't love me
Don't act like you do
Can't you admit you never did
So I can just get through

It would make it easier
To know you don't care
In the same way I do
Your feelings were never shared

But as i starred into your eyes
Just for that short time
I thought to myself
Maybe he could be mine

Give this a second chance
But I am just too scared
Remain good friends or make it more
Can I be brave enough to dare