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Forbidden Love

by Joy

They were two different people,
Who came from different places,
Both had heard of the other,
But they never saw their faces.

She was the dorky one,
Him being the prep,
It was a forbidden love,
But it went the extra step.

Their eyes met one day,
It was like an invisible force,
Both of them didn't understand,
What was the source.

He moved closer to her,
And took a look into her eye,
They both saw the connection,
His throat became dry.

After that day nothing happened,
But he knew he loved that girl,
Everything about her,
Right down to the last curl.

He gathered his courage,
Then walked up to her,
The boy took one look,
And knew this was for sure.

One look into her pretty face,
The one to whom he longed to be,
Taking a deep breath he asked,
"Would you go out with me?"

This was her dream come true,
She looked deep into him,
And told him yes,
The lights all around went dim.

Many wonderful times they shared,
They loved each other so,
But soon his calls stopped,
She was losing her one true beau.

One day she confronted him,
And she did it at school,
But since he was around his friends,
He was trying to act all cool.

He acted like he didn't know her,
And it broke her heart,
A silent tear fell down her cheek,
She was so torn apart,

That night he called,
And told her how sorry he was,
She asked him why he did it,
But he only said, "Just because."

The girl knew the truth though,
It was because of his friends,
She knew right then,
That all great love has their ends.

She told him it was over,
That she hated every bit of him,
Also to never talk to her,
And that his chances were slim.

Putting down the phone,
Her tears all came out,
All the poor girl wanted to do,
Was scream and shout.

The girl wondered for days,
If he was as sad as she,
She really thought it was true,
That they were meant to be.

Little did she know,
How torn up he really had been,
He loved this girl so much,
And often thought about way back when.

He knew why she was hurt,
It was because he was such a jerk,
Acting like he was so cool,
But he was going to make it work.

The boy admitted to his friends,
Of his love for the mysterious girl,
All his friends made fun of him,
With the old "Don't make me hurl!"

He knew right then and there,
That these friends weren't true,
The boy told them to get lost,
He'd find another crew.

His first mission,
Was to win his love back,
But when he tried to talk to her,
She wanted to give him a smack.

But she decided to listen,
Taking every word in,
In the end she decided,
That he should win.

They fixed their problems,
And came back together,
The two were able to fix everything,
It was soon all better.

Even to this day they are a couple,
And the two want everyone to know,
Never ever be afraid,
To let true love show.