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Stop Please! No More Hope!

by Angel Sanctuary c

Dagger in my heart
Still twisting in pain
Crying out to live again
The past love I had
Is tearing me apart
I thought in time it would heal
But I can not let you go
You linger in my mind, I know,
You have forgotten me long ago
But my heart still thinks you are there
And it is dying to know you’ll be there

My heart breaks everyday
When it realize you are not coming
And the dagger turns again and again
Wishing that I could die
Because my heart can not take this pain
A thousand people stand and jump
Pounding on my heart thinking nothing is there
And the pain brings me tears everyday
But my heart still believes that you will come back
It lingers with hope
This is what’s killing me
The hope it clings to so helplessly
Will be my downfall
Because I know you are not there
And I know you will never be there

Yet my heart sings your song everyday
Wishing it was not so weak then
Wishing it could tell you now
Instead of living in pain for you
But the love it still has for you
Is breaking me down
Bring me to tears
Making me lash out
My mind is asking you to break my heart
Tell my heart there is no hope
Stop making us believe
Just tell it No and break it into so many pieces
Where I could never love again
Stop giving us hope.