Read Love Poems


by ashley


Forgiveness is a hard thing,
For me to give to you,
Especially when you consider,
What you put me through…

I wish I could forget,
My days of childhood,
I tried many times before,
But I never could…

You were always gone,
You never seemed to be there,
You did your own thing,
As if you didn't even care...

What kind of a father,
Instills his children with fear,
To where they back away,
Every time he comes near...

It’s the kind of father,
Exactly like you,
It’s the kind of father,
Who has not got a clue...

If it came down to it in the end,
And you had to choose
Would it be your daughters over habit,
Or would the drugs cloud your views?

You treated my mother poorly,
You treated my sisters like dirt,
So now I think it’s your turn to suffer,
The pain and the hurt…

We don’t love you any longer,
You’ve filled our hearts with hate,
A feeling of such displeasure,
Of which you could never relate...

Do you realize all the pain you’ve caused,
Or do you only think you do?
Either way pay close attention,
Because what I’m saying is true…

Your daughters are growing,
They’re getting smarter each day,
But they’ll never find the answer,
To why you treated them that way…

They know who you are,
And why you weren’t there,
They know where you are now,
But they honestly don't care...

Why don’t they care?
It’s all because of you,
They don’t care for your problems,
Or the things that you do...

You’re the one,
Who made life this way,
I hope guilt kills you inside,
When you regret it someday…