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I Love You

by Manda

Thought my heart was torn,
Pieces of it scattered on the ground,
But you were wrong,
It's courage that I've found.

Every time you hurt me,
But every time I grow,
The strength is building inside me,
And one day I'll go.

I love you so much,
But you don't even care,
And I believed you when you said,
That you'd always be there.

Maybe I was wrong,
And it was a stupid mistake,
But I would have never guessed,
You were such a fake.

Though you broke my heart,
And it shattered to a thousand pieces,
I love you in every way,
Yet I hate you for a thousand reasons.

I was wrong,
When I thought the pain would end,
Because it keeps on happening,
Again and again.

Why can't I just forget,
And let you be?
Why is it I can't stand it,
If you're not with me?

When I think of you,
Why do I want to cry?
Why do I want to smile?
Why do I want to die?

Everything about you,
Gets me all confused,
And I can't decide if you loved me,
Or if I was used.

Why don't you get it?
And why do you make it such a mess?
Cause even if you hated me,
I would love you no less.