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Wash away

by Sinister Soire

I feel I need to remind you
More and more each day
For my love is always growing
With you it is I stay

Ill gladly give up all my sleep
To make sure you’re alright
And if I could you know I would
Kick that as$ holes as$ tonight

I love you beyond words
And I know that you love me
You hate him more than anything
He’s worse than Satan could ever be

The things he did to you,
Still haunt you in your dreams
Much like you invade my mind
For love is bursting at my seams

I love you though you keep things back
And you lie for my own sake
It will all be ok tonight
But that truth I cannot make

The real truth is I’m so helpless
Watching you in pain
My only wish is to be there
So your fears may be slain

My call to you is oh so sweet
But you only hear the sour
When the time comes for us to meet
My love will be your shower

I’ll wash away your sorrows
I’ll wash away your tears
I’ll wash away the pain you hide
I’ll be with you for all years