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My baby forever

by Chris Gaetan

I close my eyes,
I feel your touch,
You make me go crazy,
love you too much.
I never was any happier,
I never was so insane.
Hard to believe I'm in love... all over again!

Love is the only reason,
To answer the questions in my head.
I'm worried about the things you do,
I'm afraid to see the end,
There is no way to describe the love I have for you.
But one thing I can tell you is,
I know this love is true.

I always feel so close to you,
But yet I feel so far.
The days that I don't talk to you,
I wonder where you are.
With you I feel so comfortable,
With you I feel so free.
If only you could understand,
How much you mean to me.
I'll always feel so happy,
To have someone like you.

My love will last a lifetime,
Forever me and you.
Please never let me see you go,
Please never make me cry.
All I want for you to know,
Is that me and you makes I.
You're the only one who makes me happy,
No one can feel like you do.
It can only be straight up luck,
To have someone like you.

All the things you say to me,
Puts a smile on my face.
I never want to lose your love,
I never want to be misplaced.
You looked at me straight into my eyes,
And shared your feelings to me.
The moment that i heard those words,
I knew that it could be.