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The One For Me

by LiL One

Your the one,
I wanna show you how much I care
and how I've waited my whole life,
for someone like you to be there.

You've lifted me up,
dug deeper in my heart then anyone dare
and you found inside me,
the love I've been waiting to share.

I want to love you,
I want you to take control.
I don't care what the others think,
I want to give you all of my mind, body, and soul.

If loving you is wrong,
I'd rather not know,
because the temptation of you is irresistible,
and I rather love you, then let you go

I dare to risk it all,
I swear I wouldn't mind,
I'll do anything to prove myself,
because there is no better that I will find.

I have no fears,
I just want to love you,
I'm ready to open my heart
and make this love true.