Read Love Poems


by ♥-Sharon Ardern-♥

Mom I want to tell you
In my life I’ll have lots of friends
But only one of you
A bond that never ends

And it scares me sometimes
When I think you will some day die
How can I live without you?
Will I get to say goodbye?

Well there’s a lot of things
That through many years went unsaid
With this poem I want to be sure
I speak them before you’re dead

And you may say I’m being silly
It could be another forty years or so
But you see, I have to say it
Just in case you die tomorrow

We had hard times, like most
And okay I was an unhappy kid
But I want to know I forgive you
For everything you did

Though my heart may still hurt a bit
My mind has moved on
I want to be sure that you know I love you
Despite all that went wrong

But you did things pretty good, too
I have happy memories amongst the bad
You comforted me best you could
When ever I came home sad

I want to apologize, too
For the things I screwed up between us
And whenever you tried to help me
I’m sorry I made such a fuss

And nobody in the whole world
Ever comes close to you, I swear
No matter what, I love you most
And I know when I was young I said you did n t care

But I was just a kid, as different as I was
Kids say some pretty dumb stuff
And I want you to know I’m glad I did n t succeed
All the times I OD’d cos I thought I’d had enough

Cos now I recognize the pain you’d feel
Because I know how it would hurt if you died
I tell you this, the most important bit of all:
No matter where you are, I carry you inside.