Read Love Poems


by Allan

Friendship they say is supposed to last
last and last forever
but because of somethings i have said
our friendship might be never

Please forgive me friend for what i have said
i am sorry for that is done
my trial today has now begun
and without you i am dead

i know my poetry is not the best
but i try real hard to tell
to tell you that your not like the rest
from heaven have you fell

you are a princess in every way
every way you can know
now i will be living day by day
hoping our friendship didn't go

I really love you in every way
was that really the last call
our friendship shouldn't end this way
it shouldn't end at all

if only you would believe me
if only you thought this was true
if you would try with all your heart
if you only really knew

my love is strong and it is true
it is here and there
but remember one thing dear child
my one true love is you

now you know how i feel
you see all this i wrote
and now i hope you understand
i leave you on this note

i hope i do not scare you
with all the things i say
i am sorry so please forgive me
i will love you forever, forever plus a day