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Is it Love?

by Manda

What is it that's bothering me,
Hiding in the back of my mind,
If I dig deep beneath the surface,
What is it that I'll find,

It's buried somewhere deep,
Beneath the mask that I wear,
Even I don't know what it is,
But I'm sure that it's there,

Sometimes I am frightened,
Of what it could be,
It's something that I feel,
Not something that you see,

Sometimes it makes my heart throb,
And makes my head ache,
It's always there,
As if I made some kind of mistake,

Or maybe it's something I did right,
Something that I'll never forget,
I hope that's the truth,
And I hope that's it,

But I do know,
That it has something to do with you,
About what we have,
And what we've been through,

I know that no matter how hard I try,
Or what I'd do,
You'd always be the one for me,
I'd always love you.