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I just wish he knew

by Paula

There once was this guy
I thought he was great
I thought he was the one
Thought he was my soul mate

I loved him so much
That words cannot say
And I will never
Forget that day

That day that I met him
My heart started to beat
He was the nicest
He was so sweet

He was the only one
That would stick up for me
I don't think he understands
He made me so happy

I just wish he knew
How much he meant to me
I wish he knew
He had the key

The key to my heart
He was the first one
But cause of him
I realized love is not fun

It's like he took that key
and threw it away
Put it up high
Put this feeling on delay

He didn't know
He hurt me so bad
I cryed so much
I was just so sad

He broke my heart
I have never again
Fell in love
Ever since then

So if he See's this
I just want him to know
I loved him so much
I just can't let it go