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Im sorry..

by *tegan

I said id always love you
i said id always care
but all i did was break your heart
and leave you in despair
you tried to get me back
but i pushed you far away
thinking what i had
i could get back some other day
i was doing o.k
in fact i was fine
i was managing to get through most days
without you on my mind
until one day i realized, i was living a lie
you were still in my heart
then all i could do was cry
what we had was special
ive never felt the same
but it hurts to even look at you
i just feel so much shame
now you have moved on
your happy with your life
while my heart still holds so much regret
for all the pain and strife
i want you to know
that i really do care
and if you ever need me
you know ill always be there
you have a place in my heart
where forever you shall stay
while i just sit here hoping
that this pain will go away...