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You're the one

by Deathcanwait

Your smile beams on my heart,
Your beauty shines on through.
Your love shines on my life,
Which I want to spend with you.

I never want to loose you,
I want to stay right here.
With me here by your side,
You’ll never have to fear.

No one I’d rather be with,
No one I’d rather hold.
My love to you I’ll always give,
And warm you when you’re cold.

I’ll always be beside you,
Always just behind.
Forever to you, I’ll always be true,
In heart, in soul and mind.

I’ll always hold you tight,
And wipe away your tears.
I’ll hug you all right through the night,
To banish all your fears.

With you I have no worries,
You make my heart beat rush.
My stomach has these flurries,
And legs, they turn to mush.

You make me feel amazing,
Inside it feels so great.
Like a fire blazing,
Like our very first date.

In bed when I’m asleep,
I always dream of you.
My heart is yours to keep,
My mind and soul are too.

I want us to be forever,
And I believe we will.
I won’t hurt you ever,
You make my life fulfilled.

For you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
You are my everything.
I hope you know I love you
And all the happiness that you bring.

To me you are my best friend,
My girlfriend and my life.
I never want you and me to end,
Together, we have no strife.

When I look at you I see,
My life how it’s meant to stay
With you I’m meant to be,
Until my dying day.