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She loved him.....

by Valerie

She glanced at him
he gleamed at her
he was her boy
she was his girl

she asked him questions
about his life
he answered them
with some strife

He wouldn't crack
and let open his heart
he was beginning to lose her
this was the start

telling him things
was always one-sided
she opened her mind
but to her, he never confided

He made her cry
she made him wonder
is this relationship
beginning to thunder?

They were in love
for this I know
neither one
could ever let go

If he loved her
she never knew
for they had never said
"I love you"

She felt so empty
and very unwanted
for those three words
lingered and taunted

Why wont he say it?
Why is he afraid?
she never stopped thinking
she was being played

One day she burst
it just came out
"Jacob, I love you"
she began to pout

A tear streamed down
he wiped it away
her eyes became cloudy
like a rainy day

he held her tight
and he cried too
then he whispered
"I only love you"