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He's The One

by Danielle

He's the one that tells me to be tough,
when I feel I've had enough.
He's the one who can see inside,
from him, I cannot hide.
He's the one who won't stop asking why,
he knows exactly when I lie.
He's the one who understands me,
when no one else can see.
He's the one who can put a smile on my face
and not even have be in the same place.
He's the one who knows what to say,
even when I'm having the worst of days.
He's the one I do adore
and always keeps me begging for more.
He's the one that keeps me whole,
the one who can see inside my soul.
He's the one who keeps me alive
and for him, I do strive.
He's the one I wish I could love,
he's like an angel sent from above.
He's the one I can talk to all night long
with him, I wish I did belong.
He's the one I won't forget,
for I will never forget the day we met.
He's gotta be the one for me,
and with this, I know he would agree...