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Nights into Dreams

by David Munoz

I stand alone in a darkened world
A shooting star crosses endless space
I close my eyes and make a wish
When I open them, I see your face

I'm in the dream I always wish for
The one where you are always by my side
Leading me through this now perfect world
Letting our hearts be our guide

Where we cross through hills and valleys alike
Forests and Meadows too
Hand in Hand, fulfilling my only wish
My desire to be with you

For its you who lifts my soul
And tells it how to fly
And every time I try to soar
To where dreams never die

The dream ends in a perfect way
You with a smile on your face
Me staring at the meaning of beauty
Until the sun lights up space

I open my eyes and begin to pray
Asking God if it's meant to be
Praying about our future together
And if you really feel like me

For if you are my future one
My love will come in streams
Believing that you are ever since
You turned simple Nights into Dreams