Read Love Poems

When you're in love

by Amy

When you can't sleep at night
Because he's always on your mind
And you close your eyes
But his memory is all you find

When he's not with you
And you can't think straight
And you daydream for hours
About how this might be fate

When you hear his voice
And you feel your heart pound
And your palms start to sweat
Whenever hes around

When you imagine every love song
Is made for the two of you
And just to make him smile
There's nothing you wouldn't do

When you hang on his every word
And seeing him laugh makes you blush
And seeing his body
Gives you an adrenaline rush

When you can't help but smile
When he stumbles over his words
Because he sounds so adorable
The cutest thing you've heard

When you stare into his eyes
And cant bring yourself to look away
And you picture your life with him
Every single day

When you talk for hours on end
Staying up all night
Just listening to each other
It just feels so right

When you have a fight
You can't stop the tears
And you feel so bad
You can't hide from your fears

When you talk it through
And you forgive and forget
And your happier then before
Without any regrets

These are the signs
God sent down from above
When these things happen to you
You know your in love