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Thinking about Us

by Sierra Rae

Sat down and listened to our song today,
dropped everything I was doing.
Brought up all the good memories
and the ones wished to be forgotten.

Everything that ever went on was great
although half of it was a lie.
The tears you brought should have killed my love
but you still bring smiles to my eyes.

My whole life has again been jumbled by you
You've never really left me in peace.
I'm lost in you, can't find myself;
You've become my sweet release.

I still have that paper heart of yours,
but have I ever had you really?
The mesmerizing words have me wanting more
while I'm hoping I have you totally.

Our relationship is day by day or by week
and I long to see your lips.
We had a fire going strong trapped in our love;
now my heart burns for a second first kiss.