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My baby J....

by Gabby

It's kinda funny because,
I never thought we'd be together,
But the crazy thing about it is,
That I wanna be with you forever!
Your everything that I want,
Plus 1,000 times more,
And since you've left me,
My heart has become sore.
You're on my mind,
Every minute it seems,
When Im sleeping,
Your there in my dreams.
So I hope your making the right choice,
And that this is all good too.
Because after all the hurt and pain,
I just wanna be happy for you.
I dont think you realize what you have,
And what you've done for me.
But the way you managed to steal my heart,
Is what has set me free.
You've given me a feeling,
That no one else could ever change.
Your love has touched a place in me,
That I always found so strange.
So Ill always be wondering,
If our love will ever last.
And Ill always be sitting here,
Reminising on the past.
Though sometimes I may not show it,
I love you with all my heart.
I will never stop loving you,
Even if we are apart!