Read Love Poems


by Lauraballz

What's this I feel,
When you're close by?
Why every time I catch your eye,
Can't help but think,
How it could end,
If you were much more than a friend.

I love you not,
I'm sure of this,
But crave the wonder of your kiss,
How would your lips,
Feel pressed on mine,
If tenderly, they’d intertwine.

But this is wrong,
Because you’ve liked my friend so long,
She says to you,
She feels the same,
To us, she acts as if in shame.

It hurts to see,
She's using you,
Taking advantage of all that you do,
She fails to see,
The luck she bears,
Having someone like you attend her affairs.

What I'm feeling,
I do not know,
And these thoughts I shouldn't show,
I don't know how to feel,
Or what to say,
Just that I shouldn't feel this way.