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Isn't it ironic?

by *Cindy*

When I woke up this morning
never did I think
That by the end of the night this
is what life would bring
I used to be in love with you
the pain slowly faded away
FINALLY! you weren't on my mind
a thousand times a day!
Slowly but surly I moved on
I finally didn't care
That's when you decide
you still wanna be there
All these guys out of no where
decided to come around
These are all the guys I USED to
want and this is what I found
Out of these five guys
I gave them chance after chance
But they didn't want a relationship
they just wanted in my pants
I refused to give in because
I wanted something more
Never thought these choices I made
would leave me for whats in store
They all come around in the
same DAMN week for me
Telling me they've realized or
think we're meant to be
Why is it when you want something
it's so hard to get?
Then you let go and
they come back
It's YOU they can't forget!!
Of course I seen something special
in each and every guy
After all this time they came back
The question now is WHY?