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I Love You

by FireCracker

I don't know what to say
And I don't know what to do
There isn't anything I'm certain of
Other then the fact I love you

Your always there for me
When I need you to lend a hand
Your the one person I know no matter what
Will always understand

Your my best friend
Yet you mean so much more
So many qualities you possess
In which I adore

You think I don't love you
You think I don't care
But to tell you the truth
No other guy can even compare

I love the way you smile,
I love everything you do
And nothing makes me happier
Then seeing me with you

Your perfect, and flawless
Beyond compare
A relationship like ours
Is found so rare

Every second spent on the thought of you
Makes my day worth it all
You can make my whole day
With just one simple phone call

Your the person that knows me best
but still sees the good in me
And I wish we could be together
But instead your with Amity

Why can't we work it out
If we're both willing to rectify
I still love you so much
Why can't we give it another try ?

But If you don't want to
I know I'll eventually be OK
Because at one point you loved me so much
I know you'll miss me one day

But Since your with Amity
there's nothing I can do
And not even she can change the fact Of how much I love you