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Beautiful Babez

by Kidpoetry

Beautiful face,
enchanting smile.
lOvely talks,
and a unique style.

luscious lips,
and pretty Brown eyes.
Breaks my heart,
knowing she cries.

angelic looks,
hIdden fire.
wonderful girl,
unlike anyone prior.

so much In common,
like being born the same day.
so many thoughts and emotions,
in which we feeL the same way.

she's been through a lot,
but she has a strOng heart.
though she may not credit herself,
she's also Very smart.

shE cares for me, this girl,
and it reallY does show.
i care for her tOo,
more than she may know.

i'd do anything for this girl,
jUst to see her smile.
i don't care how long the journey,
i'd walk an infinite mile.

if only she knew,
if only i could say.
if only i could express to her,
in some casual way.

the way that i feel,
my hopes and my dream.
to be the one she's meant for,
an inseparable team.

i want her to be happy,
i don't care the expense.
because i can tell when she ain't,
it's like a 6th sense.

and whatever roads lay ahead,
be it friendship or romance.
i will be here for her always,
if given the chance.

there is nothing in this world,
for you, i wouldn't do.
because i love you babez,
and you know this to b true.