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Be My Valentine?

by deadnalone

I wanted something to show you,
How much i really care,
I wanted to prove to you,
No matter what, I'll be there,

I wanted something to tell you,
I love you so much inside,
I wanted to let you know,
My feelings are too strong to hide,

So that is why I'm sat here,
And I'm writing this for you,
For my special valentine,
That my love for just grew,

Your smile lights up my day,
You're in my dreams at night,
Sometimes I just want you to take me,
And be held in your arms so tight,

The warmth of your love glows inside me,
The touch of your hand still remains,
There is no one that knows me more,
And has helped and rid me of these pains,

Memories of times were together,
Stay in the front of my mind,
They make me drift into daydreams,
Of times when it felt so sublime,

Baby you know that you make me,
Horny and all wet inside,
You know that i have dreamed about,
Your cock into my slide,

Even just seeing you happy,
Brings a big smile to my heart,
The one that you fixed,
After it had been torn apart,

You were the first one who truly,
Seemed to like me as more than a friend,
You asked me and i didn't believe it,
I never want this to end,

You were the first one to kiss me,
The first one to have my hand in yours,
The first one to ever be with me,
And will see parts of me behind closed doors,

You were the first one who touched me,
And made me feel this love inside,
You were the first one to tell me,
That i was perfect, not just inside,

You were the first one i loved,
The first one who said that they cared,
The first one who didn't laugh at me,
When my secrets, i bared,

You mean more to me than anything,
I could and ever have got,
I don't want to scare you babe,
I just want to tell you i love you a lot,

You were the first one i trusted,
I trust you with my body and soul,
Cause sexy, when you came into my life,
You touched me and made me whole,

So think of the luscious red roses,
Think of the candy and hearts,
Think of the little cute teddy bears,
Cards telling people they can't bear to part,

Think of the first time we met,
Think about when you first held my hand,
When you think about our first kiss,
Think about my once lonely land,

And know that you filled it with love,
That no one else could have brought,
Know that if you ever fall,
That in my arms you'll be caught,

So will you be my valentine?
On this special day,
I love you so much honey,
In each and every way.