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Different tonight

by Sarah Christine

When I looked at you tonight,
I saw you in a different way,
all my thoughts ran from my head,
I didn't know what to say.
I already knew I loved you,
as I felt it so deeply in my core,
but how I loved you tonight
has never been done before.
It was then I realized
that in that moment,
confined in my mind,
my mysterious little space,
my feelings for you
could never be forgotten,
never be erased.
Life wouldn't be worth living
with out you, "the one",
I know that my love for you
will last forever,
never to be undone.
As I watched you tonight,
as you caressed my face,
at that moment time stood still,
as I laid in your embrace.
I knew from that point on
all my dreams you would fulfill,
faith untouched,
possibilities unbound,
all this from a man,
I never thought,
it is, true love I have found.