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Let Me Love You

by Kaitlin Kristina

Sitting with you,
We are alone,
Staring out the window,
At the rain and the cold.
My head on your lap,
Your fingertips shift through my hair,
And although we are silent,
Your comfort is there.

I don’t feel so alone,
I don’t feel so scared,
You support me by your presence,
And this feeling we share.
Just le me feel loved,
Let me love you back,
I collapse into your arms,
And you pick up my slack.

I don’t have to fight you,
I don’t have to resist,
I’m letting you love me,
Like you always persist.
To you I surrender,
And I let you take care,
Of all my troubles,
Which don’t need to be there.

I’m the weak one,
I’m the one,
Who cant live without you,
My heart you have won.
And it will always be yours,
Until death do us part,
I now no longer own my heart.
You’ll keep it forever,
And you’ll never leave,
You always pick me up off of my knees.

You dry my tears,
With your tender kiss,
And I am not worthy,
Of a love like this.
You keep me sheltered,
Keep me safe,
And this sweet, long silence,
I hate to break.

You don’t even need to talk,
And I feel totally secure,
So as I lay on your lap,
Diffident and demure,
I have all your attention,
Although we don’t speak,
That’s the only comfort Ill ever seek.
“Let me love you,” Is what you say,
And I promise I will, forever to stay.