Read Love Poems


by elizabeth

As i slowly walk down
life's broken street
the tears begin
to Peirce my cheek

i wish there was someone
who could see
behind these tears
and find the real me

Someone to love me
through my wrongs and rights
someone to hold me
through the long cold nights

Someone to pick me up
when i fall to the ground
someone to help me
when the truth can't be found

Someone to be
my lifelong friend
Someone to see me through
to the very end

Someone to show me
that they really care
about my heart
and the emotions hidden there

Someone to whisper
"I Love You" in my ear
Someone i can tell
my hopes dreams and fears

But where will i find
this perfect guy for me
how much longer do i have to wait
till his face i finally see

through tear filled eyes
I look up and see
your loving smile
shinning down on me

You wipe away the tears
and take my hand
telling me you've been there
in the place i now stand

You came into my life
like a beacon of light
shinning through the darkness
making everything alright

Could you be the one
I'm supposed to meet
I can't help but wounder
as my heart skips a beat

I know you the one
as we walk down life streets
Because theres no more tears,
but a smile across my cheeks.