Read Love Poems


by Kathryn

I close my eyes so I can't see
What seems the end of you and me

A million thoughts run through my head
Of the things we did and the things we said

Together forever was how you said we'd stay
But now you're ripping my world away

My stumch turns, my heart goes weak
And a stream of tears runs down my cheek

How could this be happening, is it really true?
Please don't do this to me I can't live without you

What happened to us, did I do something wrong
How did your feelings grow weak when mine stayed so strong

I trusted you enough to give you my heart
But with two bitter words, you tore it apart

I wipe away tears with the back of my hand
As I sit here trying to understand

But all I can think about is how it's not fair
That I'm dying inside and you don't even care

I want things to stay the way they were before
Because I can't take knowing you don't love me anymore

It isn't right, we should be together
But even if we aren't I'll still love you forever