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Where Did You Go? Where Are You?

by David

I don't know how to say this
But I'm going to find out how
You are still my hero
Even though you are gone now
To me you are the world
I don't know how or why
I don't know how you could do this
How you could just die
People called me names
Because you left my life
But i only tell them
"I swear! She tried to fight!"
But they think that she left me
Because she didn't care
They say that she hated me
That I'm a waste of air
Yet in my heart i know
That they are hurt inside
So they hurt me more
Thinking it will slide
But it will never work
Because you treat me bad
The only thing your trying
Is to hide in all the things you have
I have a family also
Its a big one too
Just because you have a mom
Doesn't make you cool
You in my eyes
Are only a stupid fool!