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I still Love You

by ~DyingBlackRose~

My heart screams for you
And my soul needs you close.
My mind does both
But do you feel the same?

Everything I need is you
And the only thing I long for
Is you next to me.
And the smell of your cologne all around me.

Everyday I pray that one day
You and I will be together.
But if that day never comes
I'll never be the same again.

I want to feel you holding me
when I cry.
I want to be able to say "I love you"
And that I care.

I would die for you
And I would kill myself for you to live.
Baby you mean so much to me
And you're the only person I love like I do.

You mean to much to me
For me to let you go now.
Even though
No matter what I couldn't.

Seeing you
makes my stomach flip
And seeing you smile
makes me get weak.

Do you know what you do to me?
Do you even care?
Do you care that I love you?
Do you care that I need you to live?

Do you feel the same?
But even if you don't.
I still love you.