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Torn Apart

by Joy

We never really went out,
As official boyfriend/girlfriend,
Though the love we shared was there,
Has now come to an end.

It all started a few weeks back,
When you two hung out,
You bragged about her to me,
And it made me want to scream and shout.

You promised it was a one time thing,
That she meant nothing to you,
But soon your phone calls stopped,
And the E-Mails did too.

What about all the "I Love You's",
And the promises that you swore,
Why has this all changed,
Because you're with some dumb wh0re?

Maybe you don't love me,
And maybe you don't care,
But what about our friendship,
The one thing that was there.

I heard you two are going out,
And it really doesn't bother me,
In the ways I thought it might,
But why can't our friendship be?

How come we can't be friends?
You're acting like I don't exist,
Why are you throwing it all away?
This is really getting me pissed.

I don't care that you're with her,
Because I can't have your heart,
But now that our friendship's gone,
You've left me torn apart.