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Even Though Your Gone

by ** JeNa **

What am I suppose to do?
My life just feels so empty .
Now that your gone,
it feels like my heart is missing.

Maybe it because I really love you,
and to you I gave my heart.
But after what I did,
you took it and tore it apart.

I know I was wrong,
that I will admit.
But even after what we’ve been though
you in my life still seems to fit.

Yes, I am sad,
that’s something that wont change.
Because my love for you is so deep,
but to you our relationship is estrange.

I still love you,
and I always will.
I know that won’t change,
for it feels too real.

You may feel differently,
but I still fell the same.
I honestly love you.
To me it’s not just a little game.

Maybe someday things will get better,
and I will move on.
But no matter what I won’t let go of your love,
even though your gone.