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Whats a guy to do?

by David

I was crying tonight
While thinking of you
You're the one I love
what is a guy to do?
Every time I think of you
My face begins to swell
But the only thing I feel
Is a smile, beginning to dwell
I am in love with someone
And I am being true
That one girl I love
Name starts with you
Every time I think of you
My heart goes very fast
Every time I talk to you
Time seems to go so fast
The last time I want to talk to you
Is the day one of us leaves
But please don't let that be soon
I'm begging you I am on my knees…
You are the one I love
And I think you already knew
The only thing I hope
Is that you love me too…
I'm in this position
What's a guy to do?
When he falls in love with someone
As beautiful as you…