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I Think I Love You

by Magnus

I would do anything in the world
Just to be with you
You make me feel happy
Whenever I'm feeling blue

As I sit there
Filled with all this fright
You sat right next to me
I knew things would be all right

There’s something about you
That makes me feel this way
This is the best I have ever felt
I hope this feeling doesn't go away

Maybe it’s the way you look
Maybe it’s the way you make me feel
Maybe it’s the way you laugh
I just hope these feelings are real

I knew everything would be ok
When I was laying at your side
I write this poem to you
Because there’s nothing I want to hide

Holding hands together
Your hand in mine
My hand in yours
I knew everything would be fine

I have all these feelings for you
I think about you everyday
I think I'm really starting to like you
I just hope you feel the same way