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Alone on a Summer's Day

by DMG

Alone on a summer’s day
Sitting on the ocean’s shore
Wish I would just drift away
Since you closed your heart’s door

I sit and watch the crashing waves
And the sand be beaten down
From the pain I have endured
I feel like I want to drown

Only you could do this to me
Make my world a metaphor
Sad as the hopelessness of sea
Never knowing what’s in store

The sea though beautiful it is
Reminds me only of you
Because no one really knows
What lies beneath the blue

What thoughts went through your mind
Causing you to up and leave?
What emotions crossed love’s path
Causing you to make me grieve?

Did I ever do you wrong?
Did I ever cause you pain?
Did I ever set the sun
And cause the skies to rain?

Everything, I thought, was right
Perfect as an angel’s heart
I saw the clearest of a night
Until you decided to depart

Now I can only sit and wonder
Where did our love lose its way
I sit and watch the crashing waves
Alone on a summer’s day