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Hero Of My Heart

by butterfly ♥ kisses

Of all the happiness I've ever known
And every desire I've ever felt,
I cherish the moments spent with you
Above everything else.
The world could perish tomorrow
And I could easily say good-bye.
I could let go of everything
Cause I know I've actually lived my life.
I may not have found a cure for cancer
Or the climbed the highest peak,
But I did fight for what I wanted
And did not accept defeat.
I may not have ran the world's fastest mile
Or sailed the ocean blue,
But I did make life long friends
And find true love with you.
You've given me so much
And shared your love with me each day,
You remind me of the virtue in tomorrow
And just how fast life can change.
We've made so many memories
That adorn the walls of my heart.
They make me smile and pull my world together
When I'm almost sure it will fall apart.
So when the angels call my name
And my life on Earth is through,
I will take the angels' hands in mine
And go to Heaven to wait for you.