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Young Love

by Valerie

Fifteen and in love
What a hard place to be
You know it will end
and you will be free

Free to love others
Free to dance
Free to act silly
and find a new romance

That's not what you want
This freedom you did not choose
When the two of you end
Someone will lose

In a fifteen year old world
He is your life
In your future plans
You are his wife

You know this is wrong
forever is a lie
Today was awesome
but tomorrow you cry

Fifteen year old boys
are not done growing
Fifteen year old girls
think he's "all knowing"

Attached at the hip
the two of you are
Impressed by his body,
his smarts and his car

A year goes by
nothing is the same
The love is gone
You've lost the game

Your fifteen year old world
has aged a year
Your fifteen year old boy
sheds a tear

Together you cry
about what is gone
tomorrow you two
Will be all alone

No more future plans
or late night kisses
no more writing notes
or crazy wishes

Nights are now filled
with hours of crying
your heart was so strong
but now it is dying

It has been a week
and you're doing okay
your heart is with him
at least for today