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Done for good

by Sarah

I knew it wouldn't last
I knew it from the start
It was something I expected least
You just left and broke my heart

You will never remember
All the beautiful times we shared
Because you never loved me
And because you never cared

You made me laugh
But most of all you made me cry
And when you did
I just wanted to curl up and die

It hurt so badly
When you left me here
Leaving me nothing
But a single hurtful tear

You make me cry
And you always want to break my heart
You say you’re "confused"
But I’m just getting torn apart

I don't want this anymore
I hate all these tears
But most of all I hate you
For just leaving me here

You don't understand
And you probably never will
Because the feelings you have
Aren't at all that real

So forgive me for loving you
Like I thought someone should
But every thing's over now
And we're done for good