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I Wish You Were Here

by Kenny Rose

I Wish You Were Here,
So We Could Be Together,
You Mean The World To Me,
I Will Love You Forever

Every Time You Smile At Me,
I Get The Warmest Feeling,
I Could Never Hurt You In Any Way,
And I Hope That You're Not Willing

I'll Cherish You Every Moment,
I'll Cherish You Every Day,
Myself, I Wouldn't Have It,
Not Any Other Way

I Thought You Were A Dream,
But That Just Isn't True,
The Only Thing I Want In Life,
Is For Me To Be With You

I Could Hold You Forever,
If Just With One Arm,
I Can't Explain What You Do To Me,
I Guess It's Just Your Charm

Every Night And Every Day,
I Wish I Were With You,
I Can't Help But Admit To Myself,
That You're A Dream Come True