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One True Love

by ♥-Sharon Ardern-♥

I remember you
In my dreams you thrive
Sometimes I wake and think
That you’re still alive

Though I know your body
Is lost to the ocean forever
Somewhere inside I know
We’re still bound together

A whole world lies between us
And yet I feel you so near
And when ever I feel alone
I remember there’s nothing to fear

For you lie resting safe
In my heart as long as I live
But how I long to touch you
Oh what I wouldn’t give

But for now I must settle
With just holding you in my sleep
And when I wake I carry you
Buried in my heart so deep

There’s no other man
On this earth to take your place
I have never touched another
For all I see in them is your face

Reminding me I’m bound to you
Like we promised, heart and soul
The day we swore our love
Was the day I was made whole

And even as I screamed
As your body sunk below the waves
I knew that nothing stands between us
Not fear, not fate, and not graves

For you lie now, and always
In that special place inside me
And whenever I feel alone
I smile, remembering you’re beside me

My only dream as a child
Was to meet my prince
And I met you, fell in love
And never stopped loving you since

So my love, though you don’t live
And you no longer breathe
Our love keeps you alive
And darling, you will never leave

So tonight I lay down to sleep
Instead of crying I smile
Because I know we’ll be together
In just a little while

So darling if I do cry
It’s only because I feel glad
That I have had a One True Love
I cry because I’m grateful, not because I’m sad.